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  • Hey! As for the news, we will have some details soon. Quoting bLackhawk: We are working on it and things will be announced as soon as possible ;-) Cheers!
    in News? Comment by Stoked January 2017
  • 400 DPI / 7 IG / 4:3 - 1280x960 Headset: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Mouse: Zowie ZA-12 Mousepad: Zowie GTF-X Monitor: BenQ XL2430T Great idea HEXOR! :-bd
  • A little aftermovie >- Enjoy! ESL S.K.I.L.L. Pro League Season 2 Final
  • Hello psYShoX, a hotfix for that issue was released by nohope few minutes ago and all Go4S.K.I.L.L. Cup #102 members were informed. Please, restart MOSS before starting the next game and the program should automatically update to version T…
    in why Moss? Comment by Stoked January 2016
  • STATS FROM EPL 2 OFFLINE FINALS COLOGNE by Pepx10. Let's see if we can figure out full season stats
  • Stoked, are you working on the list you mentioned before? Sorry holidays, but I might get it later this week
  • Do you have a Steam version of the game as well? If yes, that's why ESL Wire detects S.K.I.L.L. on your computer. If not follow this instruction: 1) Delete the game or in case you want to fix a logout issue move the ''S.K.I.L.L.'' folder to a diffe…
    in ESL WIRE Comment by Stoked December 2015
  • Hey Squeezy, you must have opened support ticket to a wrong section of ESL as we can't see them. Please use the link and don't change the section (ESL Play S.K.I.L.L. Europe).
  • Where is @Suzu? I guess his overall performance and LAN plays would grant him a spot somewhere :P It's a cool idea btw. Maybe we should run through all EPL Season 2 score boards (screens + stream vods) and make a list based on e.g. TOP Fragger, TOP …
  • Hello Squeezy, what OS and game version are you using (e.g. Windows 8.1 64-bit, Steam S.K.I.L.L.)? Please, contact our support ( with your system/PC/game version details and we will try to find a solution for that problem. Also …
  • Please stop insulting each other and keep the discussion on topic. @Duddi having 2 ESL accounts is against ESL General Rules (3.1.1 Multiaccounts). Both accounts have been rightfully locked until the case is solved and one of the accounts is removed…
  • Don't even try! I guess I was too late here a clip busted.
  • First of all, I feel sorry for the players from Pandora Gaming and I'm personally disappointed to hear it as it's the first time we will see semi-finals played offline. It will be an a great occasion to personally meet more talented players and see …
  • I know some of the new players might not remember the discussions that were posted on the old ESL forums but the topic is being repeated every once in a while. The answer to why are the NA players not allowed in the European competitions is simple: …
  • Hello! My Name is Emily :x I am 17 years old, please like my page :x I will send u a friend request & inbox u you will never regret, I promise you, please support me by just 1 like = 1 help :x PS: Please do not abuse the linking function as …
  • Check this: maps and map-pool suggestion.
  • I must agree that the design of Drone leaves a lot to be desired but I need to point out one important thing: competitive map design is different from map design meant for more casual players. If you analyse the most favorite picks on ESL and maps p…
  • hehe... all is good delete this waste maybe @Merc fixed link, @edzet people working - let us get home at least
  • 12 in VS is too much imo There is barely any time difference between old 9 and new 12. Max time for old settings was 42.5 minutes now it's 46 minutes since the round time was reduced.
  • Check:
  • Hello strife, are you using internet connection provided by Vodafone? This might be provider issue which we reported to that ISP. Cheers, Stoked
  • The issue has been resolved. All further cups can be resumed without problems. Shall you expirence any further problems feel free to open a support ticket:
  • Hello Community, all cups have to be postponed until the update fix is released. We will keep you updated in this thread and via twitter (@eslskill). We apologize for inconvenience. Cheers, ESL Staff
  • Please, ask nohope92 (MOSS developer) on his official forum: On a side note, why do players always rush to get a new system It's obvious that that half of the things might not be supported freshly after the release of a new…
  • Watched it again today, just decided to say it's worth clicking but again -100 kudos for wrong section.
  • Hello reKKt, the issue was fixed at 4 PM today so you should be able to download the game normally now. Next time try on the official game forums Cheers, Stoked
    in ERROR 24005 Comment by Stoked July 2015
  • got new net , gonna stream go4 keep it up!
  • Hello aPL, so what's your suggestion? Ban all top 8 pro league teams because they practice too much? I mean Senpai or PENTA are newbs compared to Fnatic, NiP or It feels like cups are held for them since neo got his first place back in …
  • There is a Steam Group for active users. You can find it here.
  • At the moment it's not possible but Gameforge is looking for a solution that would suit both, new and old S.K.I.L.L. players. For now I highly recommend using Gameforge launcher as it's most compatible with ESL Wire and don't bother with support, it…
    in SF2 ON STEAM! Comment by Stoked May 2015