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[EU] Competetive & active player LF a high-end team ( read inside )

PenguPengu Member Posts: 14
edited February 2016 in Recruitment (PC)
My name is Nick AKA Bloupenguin & I am looking for a dedicated team.
Experience: Played League of Legends which I recently retired from on a very high level both as a player, coach & analyst. Besides the team&moba experience I've also played CS:GO and prior CS releases for a total of 8000 hours, reached global elite on 7 different accounts & played multiple offline/online tournaments. I'm a multi high-end gamer very vocal, very active & hungry to learn. My experience in Siege was fast to be found above the average level ( which was expected considering my prior FPS exp ) So i started pushing my KD & winrates to find a decent team. After a week R3x picked me up & to make a long story short we placed third in the ESL CUP, lost to a possible wallhacker so we might have to re-match the finals but we'll see. I parted ways with r3x as the circumstances between me and the team creater were compromised, I'm not sure what caused my suspension but I know that i was vouched for by fellow teammates.
PLAN: I'm currently looking for a team to replace that. A possible high-end RB6 team with high skill level & activity, with the goals of going pro. I can play any operator but my "main" lineup is the following: Defensive side: Doc - 3.7 KD in 100+ games - Smoke 3.2 KD Attacking side:Ash - 2.7 KD in over 100 games - Glaz 3.2 KD in 60 games & recruit shield for the pistol & nade combo.
I'm willing to take on any role and any operator required. My main role is playing the defensive site defender or The flank defender when attacking.
Contact info: If I forgot to leave anything out, or you have any questions or regarding recruitment - please do add my skype as i'll be checking that every minute that i'm awake. skype:blou.penguin IGN:r3x.bloupenguin (clantag will be changed tomorrow ) Email:[email protected]


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