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*NEW THREAD* [EU][PC] Competitive team recruitment / LF people to stack with / LF teams to scrimm

A1GAA1GA Member Posts: 39
edited February 2016 in Recruitment (PC)
I am only looking for players that are cut above the rest. Players that push themselves even though they most likely know how good they are.
At the moment its me, the best shield player I have seen so far (His movement, fuze spots and off-the-top pistol headshots are something you dont just replicate. Yes, I tried.) in this entire game and a extremly solid fragger (stable +3 K/D in ranked and scrimms) I "stole" from another organization, thankfully he was able to cancel his contract.

Theres absolutely no point in talking to me about being recruited if your ranked K/D is below 2 - your fragging abilities simply arent enough, get over it. To clarify things - half the time in ranked I **** around, peek angles where I know im gonna get headshotted, do pistol only, YOLOing in etc. and my ranked K/D has never dropped below 2.3

However you can still add me for the fun of it, I often do open lobbies with people and just 5man ranked no matter who with, especially when doing chill streams ^^
I am also looking for people who are in a team/stable 5stack and are willing to scrimm my stacks/team

I have 100% winrate in scrimms vs other teams with different rosters, that being said there hasnt been many of them

No, we dont need another shield player
No, we dont need another lurker (unless you are truly something else)
We are from Czech, UK and Germany - Everyone speaks fluent English
I already have very stable defensive setups for half of the maps, and some basic strats for attacking the most frequent bombsites

uPlay: r3x.A1GA


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