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s13eps13ep Member Posts: 124
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Entry Demand

~12-14 hours per week Rainbow Six: Siege gameplay with clan.
~26+ hours per week Rainbow Six: Siege gameplay.
High-level FPS experienced.
Rainbow Six: Siege experienced. 
Tactical minded.


ABSTRACT is a hard-core Rainbow Six: Siege team.
We aim to compete in tournaments and ladders, online or offline; free or paid.

ABSTRACT members are expected to play tactically and efficiently.
We will execute tactics based on map understanding and situation.
We will give members a certain role to play efficiently.

ABSTRACT is a 10-man team; a Team A (Main Team) and a Team B (Substitutes).
ABSTRACT's clan tag is ".Abc".
We own a website at local: http://abstracteu.com
    s13ep (TEAM A TACTICIAN)

ABSTRACT trials will be graded A - E judged on the five following factors.


UPlay: s13ep.Abc
E-mail: [email protected]
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/shannongreen/


  • s13eps13ep Member Posts: 124
    Everyone welcome our New Member:
  • A1GAA1GA Member Posts: 39
    gave me a good laugh. once your roster is ready to go, I would like to scrimm them
  • A1GAA1GA Member Posts: 39
    especially because I remember s13ep from rankeds...from like 3 different sessions on 3 different days. you are a total shitter afaik, no offense
  • s13eps13ep Member Posts: 124
    edited December 2015
    Aren't you that rager who thinks ranked K/D is a mediator of skill?

    If you're a good player it's best to not associate with A1GA since he rages, and hasn't got a stable enough mind to lead a competitive team.
  • s13eps13ep Member Posts: 124
    edited December 2015
    We failed cHaOZ_ZoNE from Trial:
    Who achieved a Grade D with good skill, but lacks all others.

    Recruitment Message:
    We are not looking for players who are high rank or high ranked K/D, but rather players who can coordinate with the team, who thinks their rank is disposable.
  • s13eps13ep Member Posts: 124
    edited December 2015
    lant1ss was released for misconduct in the following criteria:
    LOYALTY: Uncomfortable with squad.
    UNDERSTANDING: Inane flaming and not taking any blame for himself.

    A passive player on defence, and on offense, a key objective player.

    lant1ss keeps to the objective on defence, as Pulse with a shotgun; and on attack he plays one objective, and tries to coordinate teammates to come with him, but generally there is no planning involved. He usually plays Glaz on attack.

    His biggest downfalls are his inane ramblings during and at the end of games.

    There is no logic behind them and that's where I found his understanding, was not up to par.

    An example, is when he complains at every player on the team who aren't in the objective area, even players who're set to roam; especially when he has died himself, or at the end of a lost game ( ranked ).

    I have not once heard him take criticism - he believes every game is a clean sheet which was another reason for misconduct ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) of understanding.

    He wasn't loyal to Abstract; he seemed to get uncomfortable as soon as he has had his moment.

    On 16/12 he had a really lax day, in half of the games we played that day, he played under par; and the rest of Abstract, with some random players, towered him ( on the scoreboard ).

    On 16/12, he was happy and comfortable with Abstract.

    On 17/12 he played up to standard, and the rest of Abstract, myself - met him on terms of skill and end of game stats.

    In some games he shined, such as in a 3vs5 ( ranked ) match that we lost, where he pulled off a great 16 kills ( as Glaz ).

    After a pair of losses with a majority of random players, where I, personally, was top ( on the scoreboard ) with 7 kills and 11 kills, he decided to rage quit from the day whilst claiming he would be back later. Later on as he came online he immediately joined another premade and refrained from answering whether or not he was a trial for another clan. Kappa.

    On 17/12 he was unhappy and uncomfortable with Abstract.

    In his defence, he is skilled, and often tops the scoreboard as Glaz and as Pulse. .
  • cHaOZ_ZoNEcHaOZ_ZoNE Member Posts: 15
    You know that the real problem is that you are attempting to put together a team with yourself in it? You can't lead, you do not play well, you do not communicate precisely. Short: You just don't deliver on the things you demand from the people you are attempting to recruit. You might want to consider stepping away from the game itself and simply focusing on the management aspect as it would seem that you are considerably more invested in that then the actual game.

    This is in no way personal but simply my professional opinion as a player and sportsman.
  • A1GAA1GA Member Posts: 39
    stop acting like you are something special. I saw you in action multiple times, you are a total shitter. stop wasting time of those who are above average aka above you
  • s13eps13ep Member Posts: 124
    edited December 2015
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Since I've already dealt with A1GA, I'll move on to the next one who toddled in.

    Didn't some guys steal your bikes front tire cHaOZ_ZoNE? If you can't handle yourself in nature, I don't see how you can handle a controller Kappa.

    Furthermore, how did you determine I didn't meet our criteria in the two games we played together?

    You failed understanding and wisdom because you denied the patrol role we set for you, to do your own random roam. You also blamed others each time you died, which adds to understanding, but on a more personal level.

    You're saying that I'm bad, that's new, maybe you should go back to reddit where there's a downvote button, that I'm sure you're aware of.

    These competitions you say that you were in, did you place anywhere decent? I sincerely doubt it. You don't seem to have any real credentials bar your diamond rank which you're so dependant on. Abstract basically boosted someone to platinum on release, it's nothing special (KNAL-LER).

    Competition comes before rank, and you quit the build after we lost a ranked game as a team of three, I failed you on determination.

    So, you're really unwise, you don't understand how to play as a team, you rage and throw your toys out the pram, or what's left of them, and you aren't determined enough to ever go further than the bottom of some league with some 'rager'-amateur'-team.

    No, simply no.

    I deny everything you've said about me, and you and A1GA, see you at the top.
  • s13eps13ep Member Posts: 124
    edited December 2015
    Steviewond3r was released for misconduct in the following criteria:
    Nothing at all.

    He has not been online since release due to sickness.
  • A1GAA1GA Member Posts: 39
    just an advice - stop acting like you are the hot ****. you arent able to outfrag/outaim a MEDIOCRE PUB PLAYER (e.g. K/D 1) and you talk like you **** own this game, every team and every strat there is. I ll see myself out for good now, I just hope you wont waste more decent players time
  • s13eps13ep Member Posts: 124
    edited December 2015
    We are accepting trials all through the weeks of Christmas; we look forward to hearing from you.

    And A1GA, have you had a stroke? You seem to repeat your same bowling shoes agenda "decent players come to me, I care for you".

    Try your own thread?!
  • s13eps13ep Member Posts: 124
    Hey, I'd like to make a public apology for the people I mentioned in the thread with short-stories, I was caught up in the clan's image from prior trollin'. I am making a new thread where no short-stories will be written about members who are kicked or leave, or trials who failed. That information will be on our website, many thanks.
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