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No RP prize still

So, we have had a tournament at 23.10.2015 and it's already almost a month (19.11.2015), where we've won the 3rd place, which was 10€ RP prize in League of Legends, but we still didn't get it, and it is a month since we have done the tournament, so I'm wondering, do we get the RP or we don't? I'm not trying to be rude or something, I'm even patient I think, I was asking one czech admin about this and he said that it's all Riot's job to pay us off. So I'm looking for answers of any type that could help us getting our RP received. Thanks!


  • iceCalticeCalt Posts: 13Member, ESL Staff
    Hey, Engineeringsux,

    Usually you have to submit a ticket towards the section you won the prize at.

    Did you send a ticket to claim your prize?
  • whysushiwhysushi Posts: 1Member
    Hi !
    I got the same problem, I won an AWP hyper beast on CSGO IEM San Jose but I don't know how to recieve it, i messaged ESL with e-mail and twitter but no response.
    Can you help me pls ?
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