Post your teams and tell us why you picked them

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Nürnberg LoL All Stars

My main player is hopefully Shiphtur, I think he played really strong in weaker teams so far and hopefully in Dignitas he can shine.


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    As someone with no idea about the LCS I just ordered the players by FP in the last season and picked the top 5 around $1100 ;). Looking forward to watching and getting into LCS this season as well as seeing my team flourish :P
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    The Flying Flyers

    Same here -- no clue about any player, but my random team will destroy every other wannabe! :-)
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    Same system, 2/5 the same players :)

    As someone with no idea about the LCS I just ordered the players by FP in the last season and picked the top 5 around $1100 ;). Looking forward to watching and getting into LCS this season as well as seeing my team flourish :P
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    The page it's so broken that i can't pick anything, i managed to pick 2 then on a reload the page crashed and never got back up, just weird text, missing lines, you name it, a mess.
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    The page it's so broken that i can't pick anything, i managed to pick 2 then on a reload the page crashed and never got back up, just weird text, missing lines, you name it, a mess.
    Sorry to hear that, we had some trouble around that time, please try it again, it should all work now.

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    I have my team built around Wickd and Shiphtur. Most playmakers are quite expensive but these guys got a lotta bang for relatively little buck. Grabbed Krepo because <3 EG. I went with Dexter Jungle because I can't see him doing badly with a CLG picking up their pace. Finally, grabbed Tabbz because he was cheap...
  • DodarDodar Posts: 2Member

    Top: Mimer, I needed a cheaper player and chose toplane because it's the most isolated. Mid/jungle and adc/supp interact very heavily and if one of them is doing well it's likely the other is aswell. SHC got a very good analyst for the next split and if mimer listens to him he could do very well for his price of only 500 dollars.

    Mid: Froggen, I've always been a fan of him since all the way in the beginning. He's proven his skill once again at all stars and I expect alliance to do even better this split.

    Jungle: Shook, great jungler and works well with froggen. I dont expect any teams to be able to really shut down this duo.

    AD: Cop, my initial choice was doublelift but he was too expensive and dies a lot. Cop has been praised by multiple supports and has survived all the curse roster swap madness. He's a very stable and consistent support and if he melds well with xpecial he's going to be a beast.

    Support: Aphromoo, he doesn't die a lot unlike doublelift. Doublelift does really well despite his high deaths and that carries over to aphro. And I expect clg to step it up next season with Seraph.

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    Counter Logic Flaming

    Top: Fredy122, he represented good value for money and his performance was pretty good last season. It was between him and Wickd, but I already had two Alliance players on my team, so I wanted to spread the risk around. If Seraph becomes available I'll probably change if the price is reasonable.

    Jungle: I went with Svenskeren, because he also did pretty good last season with SK, and also he fit pretty well into my price range as better alternatives were far more expensive.

    Mid: I had to go with good old Froggen, his Anivia at all stars reminded me of why he was my favourite mid laner in S2. But hopefully we won't see it too much during LCS, or I'll regret this decision.

    AD Carry: I chose Doublelift because I needed some NA in my team. But I also think CLG will do well, so here's hoping Doublelift will get me some nice points. (I wanted Aphromoo too, but NA players are just way too expensive.)

    Support: At Support I have Nyph, I would've preferred an NA support like Aphromoo or Xpecial, but they are way too expensive. Nyph was kind of middle of the pack last split, but I think Alliance have the best chance to improve in the summer split, especially now that him and Tabzz have had more time to synergise.

    My remaining $$$ was $70
  • omgjammiesomgjammies Posts: 1Member
    Went for doublelift and link because clg with seraph has a lot of potential-yes i said it-, cyanide because fnatic is getting an analyst, innox because he has always been a bright spot on eg but under apreciated, and nyph because alliance has been doing well in the past
  • MechMech Posts: 2Member
    I made sure to grab Amazing and gleeb. I think recent EU transfers are a good idea as not only are they exceptional players but usually their cost is deflated due to the slower nature of the game in EU.
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    Can't say more than i never saw those players play bad in LCS and LMQ is rising to be a really good team.
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    Top: Ackerman - Not too many really good top laners balls was too expensive for my team dyrus was also pretty expensive but he is also iffy due to tsm roster changes and the other top laners dont really impress me as much as these 3 so i went with ackerman.

    Jungle: Impaler needed a cheap jungler so i went with him

    Mid: Hai he had a lot of kills during the spring split and with c9 being so strong in na i expect him to get a solid amount of kills this season. I wouldve went with bjerg but he was so expensive.

    ADC: Qtpie he is a good adc and even thought dig wa sin the middle of the standings most of the season he still managed tyo get top 5 on GPM, Kills and kill particiaption he was also decently cheap.

    Support: Vander roccat was a solid team in the spring split and with him also being so cheap i thought why not

    I focused on getting good players in mid top and adc i felt that they woudl rbing in more points then support and jungle
  • RondrianRondrian Posts: 167Member, Turtle Entertainment Ambassador
    Really interesting teams, wish all of you the best of luck with your teams. Excited to see how it will play out.
  • xFaghtxFaght Posts: 1Member
    top: darien cause he can play aatrox really good, and is overall a fine top laner (he was the last one, had to fit into my budget)
    jng: Amazing... he's amazing
    mid: Froggen cause im a dane and I believe he is the best mid in the world.
    ADC: MrRalleZ. he has been said to be one of the best adc and that's true. alot of times when SHC won it was bcus of MrRalleZ. He is really good.
    Support: Unlimited I just have something with guy. I dunno why I just think he's good, and his decision making
  • LongerLonger Posts: 1Member

    TOP: Xaxus - he is just a very good top laner.

    Jungle: Jankos - one of the best jungler in Europe. His mechanics is pretty good. And the price was not expensive.

    Mid: Froggen - best mid laner in EU.

    ADC: Rekkles - best in his role!

    Support: Vander
  • RondrianRondrian Posts: 167Member, Turtle Entertainment Ambassador
    Froggen seems to be really popular, let's see if he can stand up to that! ;-)
  • GnifleGnifle Posts: 2Member
    I have a feeling that this summer split will favor Alliance - call me crazy or not. Hence, I picked both Froggen and Wickd for mid and top. Winged in Amazing as my jungler, though I wasn't quite certain who to go with for this spot. Was running short on my budget, and I've always been a kinda big fan of him, so I picked Yellowpete as my AD Carry and Aphro as my support.

    Not sure, but felt it was wisest to invest a bit in my midlane and jungler - we'll see how it pans out ^^
  • RondrianRondrian Posts: 167Member, Turtle Entertainment Ambassador
    @Gnifle: good luck with Yellowpete, hopefully he is motivated by being the cheapest AD carry by a fair margin and will bringt you big profits! ;-)
  • GnifleGnifle Posts: 2Member
    @Rondrian Yea, going for broke on him. I gotta admit, I picked him mostly because i didn't wanna swap out anyone else. Then again, I've always been an EG fan of heart, so hopefully my small hope for a better season will spark something - besides, YPete is not a bad player at all imo ^^
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    Brutal Crasher

    TOP: Ackerman - Let's be honest. In spring split I was only watching EU LCS, I have no idea about this player, but he's goddamn Chinese! And I like chinese playstyle a lot. I heard that LMQ won everything in NACS like an unstoppable thunder, so why not? I like a bit risky choices. Besides they will not play against C9 and TSM in first week and I didn't want to have EU-only team. Let's see how it goes.

    JUNGLE: Jankos - IMO best player from Roccat and one of the best junglers from EU. His plays repeatedly determined ROC wins.

    MID: Jesiz - He improved over the spring split A LOT. Maybe it's because of SK coach? Anyway I believe he can play really well and earn a lot of points. :)

    AD CARRY: Rekkles - If you want safe pick from EU LCS there is no one better. His KDA ratios are insane and he had solid performances even when fNatic doesn't do well.

    SUPPORT: Vander - New Thresh King from EU. His plays are really good and he never go below certain level. And I really like Roccat :) .
  • Kaspze3Kaspze3 Posts: 3Member
    Top: ZionSpartan , he and Shiphtur were the carries of Team Coast and they had really good kda's and made a lot of good plays, now, in a better team i guess they will perform even better, he isnt expensive too..
    Jungle: The old good one: Snoopeh, i'm a fan of EG and i guess Snoopeh had some good games, and he is really cheap so why not.. :)
    Mid: XiaoWeiXiao , i saw all the games, i guess its a top 3 team, I think TSM is just little bit better than them, en XiaoWeiXiao is such a good farmer, his roams are good either , he mostly got good scores!
    Adc : Mr Rallez , I think this is an really good adc, he was the carry of Supa Hot Crew in Europe, so i hope he can do it again!
    Supp: Aphromoo, just the best support in LCS, hes expensive, but i think he is worth it.
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