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TXI Is Looking For Casual Players To Join A Great Gaming Community

RooM ReapeRRooM ReapeR Member Posts: 52 Aspirant
Team Xiled Inernational Is recruiting players to join our community we are a relaxed and casual community that do play with one another from time to time
XS has over 3,200 members ranging over multiple consoles including PC, XBox One, and PS4. We have over 60,000 subscribers to our social community forums. We are sponsored by several large names in gaming including: Aporia Customs, AirDropCrates, Rogue Energy, JerkyXP and more
We have over 30 ranks in XS ranging from Private to President
Everything is voluntary, we offer a high level of respect to everyone for what they do to keep the community running. Additionally, no member is forced to change their Gamertag to reflect their community unless you choose to go to the rank of Master Sergeant or higher.
As a rule, XS asks that unless business is being discussed or a Senior Officer asks you to lock down a party, parties remain open so you’re easy to contact should the need arise.
Additionally, we ask that all members do not kick any individuals from their party. If you have an issue with another member, leave the party and start your own. If they continue to join, you may report the situation up your Chain of Command.
Must have a headset
Must be 16+
Must have at least 1000 gamerscore
Must be in no other community or clan
Must have discord the app
Respect ALL Gamers
Leave No Man Behind
If this is something you would be interested in joining for recruitment dont hesitate to ask for more information by reaching me through xbox @ TXI StorM XC or Discord TXI StorM XC (MSG)#6381


  • RooM ReapeRRooM ReapeR Member Posts: 52 Aspirant
    I lied must be 18+ please dont be afriad to message me for recruitment bumpppp
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