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EU - Red and Blue Esports are looking for players to represent our team

ReeseBestGamerReeseBestGamer Member Posts: 8 Rookie
Red and Blue Esports is a small team that is based in Valorant but looking forward to expand to R6.

We are looking for 2 Frag, 1 Support, 1 Flex, and 2 Subs (Any role, but most preferably Frag and Flex).


Plat 3 and Above - at least 2/3 seasons
Good Map Knowledge
Enough Gun Skill to Win Gun Fights
Good Behaviour, Not Toxic
Should have Pro Experience 

If you meet these requirements, please contact me in Discord: r1s#2360


  • vinceNtvinceNt Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    I don't use discord a ton so I have no clue how to DM someone without adding them haha. FR from batemaN#0423 is mine.
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