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2 Homies looking to piss on dudes, and win games.

DinMandoDjarinDinMandoDjarin Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
Making an r6 team, we aren't looking for delusional people who think they are gonna get in pro league tomorrow. We are just looking to make a consistent 5 stack that will do dry runs, scrims, strat build and buy into a system of play that we can adhere to and win games with. 

We do want to play in go 4s, r6 tms, and should be able to easily line up scrims with people and compete together. Like I said though, not looking for weird toxic incels who are trying to break their way into pro league overnight, or people who are completely delusional about their actual skill level. It's a waste of time playing with people who think they are gods. Don't care too much about ranks or stats as long as you seem smart, and have a decent understanding about the game. Expect to go over operator interactions, utility usage, and basic game knowledge and build from there into making strats that utilize these things. I guarantee there are some things you don't know that we can figure out together and improve on together, myself included.

My buddy will be kind of the team Captain, and I will assume the primary igl position until we create a system that calls for a different setup. Lets practice, play some ranked, compete, and have some fun. Would prefer people in their 20's but if you are 18 or older we can probably make it work. Male or Female it doesn't matter as long as you want to get better at the game and put in at least a little bit of work. Hit me Up on Discord if you are interested.  TheActualMandolorian#7846


  • King JordanKing Jordan Member Posts: 11 Rookie
    you still looking for teamates? im just trying to get in the competitive scene to see how far i can go.
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