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[NA] [PC] Lunar Cloud eSports Now Recruiting!

Uncrowned.Uncrowned. Member Posts: 30 Rookie

Hello, we are Lunar Cloud eSports!

We are currently recruiting for our T3 Platinum 2+ Competitive Team.

NA PC Ages 17+

Notice: We are also trying to make this organization into a friendly community, so even if you don't fit the above-mentioned rank, we still welcome you to just play Ranked or Casual.. maybe even renown grind.

About us: We are a T3 organization currently recruiting for one of our teams. The team will mainly be playing in community leagues and tournaments for now, but of course we will eventually join into bigger leagues, and hopefully one day into the pro scene! We have other teams that are up and running, which means not only can you scrim against other teams, but you’ll also have a team to consistently compare to!

Players We Are Looking For: We are always on the look out for active players who are consistently online and are open to human activities (probably just talking in discord and responding to messages though... lol). We are looking for players who are willing to practice consistently and really take in the competitive scene of the game, but I'm sure with all of you here, we wouldn't lack the competitive nature of the game.

Contact: You can reach me via Discord! Uncrowned#2703

Thank you for your time! Good luck in the future!


  • King JordanKing Jordan Member Posts: 11 Rookie
    Hi im interested in trying out for the team. I've been playing r6 since operation skull rain and been wanting to try to play competitively and hopefully go far and play professionally. I really want to give this a shot bc i keep playing r6 and want to see if i can play at the highest level.  
  • King JordanKing Jordan Member Posts: 11 Rookie
    my discord is King Jordan#2858 looking forward to hearing from yall
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