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Zero-G eSports is looking for new players for Indy Gaming League

headstartheadstart Member Posts: 2 Rookie
What is Indy Gaming League?
Indy Gaming League is a league mostly based around Rocket League but hosts circuits around other games too like Apex Legends and MageQuit. Circuits happen 4 times a year based upon season and they have a 6 week play in period and a playoffs afterwards. It is filled with competitive people and also people who just want to play for fun. All circuit teams are put into a tier based system based upon their highest rank within the last 3 seasons.
Tier 1: 1600+ GC
Tier 2: C3-1599- GC
Tier 3: C1-C2
Tier 4: D2-D3
Tier 5: P3-D1
Tier 6: P1-P2
Tier 7: <G3
There are many players in each tier looking for a competitive scene/feel and you can be apart of it today!

About Zero-G eSports:
Zero-G is an european Rocket League org, founded in September 2020, and is competing with one 3v3 team each in IGL Fall Circuit Tier 2 and Tier 3.
As a new org, we are about to set up the best possible environment for players and fans of Zero-G, containing a close partnership with an upcoming EU caster as well as an own twitter page and, of course, an own discord server.
If you wanna be a part of us as a player, we can offer you 3 training sessions per week, including scrims and tourney matched, which will be most likely casted. Our teams philosophy is about a good team rotation and that communication is key.
You can also be a part of the Zero-G Community, where you'll get any information about our teams and where you can hang out with the others.
If you wanna be a part of Zero-G eSports, just put your discord tag below in the comments and a member of our community will be sure to get back to you within 48 hours with the link to our discord server!


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