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(EU PC) yKings organization looking for players and teams

KatonaKatona Member Posts: 1 Visitor

We are a new organization, looking to expand. Currently looking for squads and squad leaders, to expend our list of teams. We will host scrims between teams and those who join will probably find a squad. Our experienced staff has a deep understanding of the game, we can provide coaching help as well. You can bring your friends along, make a squad with them, and lead them to victory! If you are interested, join our Discord and contact the CEO for further information. There is no minimum rank, if you just want to play ranked somewhere, join anyway! Our first team will be ready soon, our ranks are around plat. https://discord.gg/mS5mmrH

Thanks for reading!


  • Itz_MoloneyyItz_Moloneyy Member Posts: 12 Rookie
    Invalid invite. Hello, I'm 21 EU strong mid Plat player. I'm looking to join a team with experience and decent/good players that are willing to put in the time and effort to becoming a strong team. I play 1st/2nd entry on attack, and roamer or hard anchor on defence. My Discord is: Traener#0417 look forward to hearing from you!
  • SparkZzoSparkZzo Member Posts: 8 Rookie
    Discord: SparkZzo#7387
    Ubisoft: SparkZzo
    I am a gold 2/1 entry fragger, maining Buck and Sledge. On defence I comfortable use any trapper (Frost, Lesion Kapkan) but love to sit of site, as this is when you get them off surprise.

    I have a cool head and I know callouts, meaning even when dead I have a use.

    I'm 23 Years old and English, my streaming days are currently Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, but I can change days and remove streams on my schedule if needed.

    If you want to see me play there are some past stream on my twitch.

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