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eWolves is Recruiting!

LemonsLemons Member Posts: 4 Rookie

Hey there, I'm part of the German gaming organisation called EWolves, or EWS and we're looking for players to complete our new international team. 

Naturally, being part of an organisation, there are some strict parameters were have to stick too, so any player willing to try out must be:

Relatively fluent in English
Ranked top Gold or Plat
At least 18 years of age
From Europe - Preferably West so Time zones align.
Free Tuesday - Thursday - Sunday Evenings for training.

But we're looking for a fun and friendly person within the above parameters, though a little haggling isn't out of the question. Toxicity is out of the question within the organisation so you must be able to keep your cool and able to avoid getting triggered, especially in a game such as siege. Ideally we're also looking for a entry or second entry fragger but don't be put off if you're neither, support players are hard to come by.

Other than that we welcome any who wish to try out.

I'm excited to meet any of you and hope some can join us soon.



  • VesperVesper Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    Plat 3 on xbox
    3000+ mmr on pc
  • JagerlxrdJagerlxrd Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    Discord: Можно пиво#8836
    MMR: 2959 (currently)
    Age: 21
    Ubisoft Connect: SlavaSiege
    (From Turkey in Istanbul)
  • Itz_MoloneyyItz_Moloneyy Member Posts: 12 Rookie
    I'm EU, highest I've been is Plat 2 solo queuing. I've recently had a 3 month break from PC but now I'm back and want to play a lot more competitively my Discord is Traener#0417
  • QetuQetu Member Posts: 7 Rookie
    dc: Qetu#1958
    Plat 3 atm
    i'm more of an support player
    From Finland
  • YuvaLeviYuvaLevi Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    YuvaLevi#1554, BadaB1ng
    we come as a coordinated duo with tons of chemistry looking for a good team to excel our skill level
    we both are plat yet we have no team to help us get to diamond
    we have played against diamond t1 teams and champs who wanted us in their team but at the end something didnt work out so we are still looking for a team whos looking to go pro
  • SparkZzoSparkZzo Member Posts: 8 Rookie
    Discord: SparkZzo#7387
    Ubisoft: SparkZzo
    I am a gold 2/1 entry fragger, maining Buck and Sledge. On defence I comfortable use any trapper (Frost, Lesion Kapkan) but love to sit of site, as this is when you get them off surprise.

    I have a cool head and I know callouts, meaning even when dead I have a use.

    I'm 23 Years old and English, my streaming days are currently Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, but I can change days and remove streams on my schedule if needed.

    If you want to see me play there are some past stream on my twitch.

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