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Wrong data and wrong mission data

Slav1ksSlav1ks Member Posts: 3 Rookie
Example url: https://www.csgohub.com/match/14703852/recap/detailed/

First: All my matches (checked at least 6 so i can't be so consistent) shows same kill count per weapon (all weapons not only ones in picture) which doesnt match total, actually it shows 18 kills, but i can't find any match with 18. So it shows incorrect data on all matches.
Secondly: in first picture i included Mission results where clearly it shows 2 glock kills but mission result shows 1 (same for AK and victory on overpass). 

Info: Game data (kill count per weapon) was correct before, as i remember posting comment on bug about missions not updating because i had one of matches 9 AK kills in one game so mision should be updated but it did not even move, now missions have updated (kinda) but other data is incorrect (and mission). 

Image: https://imgur.com/a/fdGTVEO


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