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I’m lft Xbox Eu

Zixlc.uBZixlc.uB Member Posts: 8 Rookie
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Gt- zixlc_ub
Plat 1 this season and diamond last season 
Seasonal kd- 1.5
Region- EU
Availability- all days
Role- frag/entry frag
Previous teams-ig/Apollo/urban/asp/rubicon/rubicon I’m strong with a team with chem and coms I have 3/4 years of siege comp I have been In esl for 3 of those and have played and won many tournaments Over the time


  • Zixlc.uBZixlc.uB Member Posts: 8 Rookie
    Also me on Xbox or discord at Zixlc#2191 or zixlc uB for Xbox 
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