Solar Elite Gaming Amateur Recruitment!

JellyJelly Posts: 1Member Visitor
Solar Elite Gaming
I have recently started up an amateur organization for those looking to grow their skills in rocket league. Below is ALL the info you should need and if not then contact me. My goal is to COMPETE in tournaments at all sorts of skill levels.

-Primarily PC players for communication but Xbox, PS4, etc, can work
-NA servers
- Amateur - Plat II- Diamond III
-Basic RL Skills(Rotation, Aerial, passing, communication)
-Can compete in Tournaments most of the time
If you have any questions contact my email: [email protected]


  • LimbeekiLimbeeki Posts: 2Member Rookie
    Check  your email.
  • Jcach7Jcach7 Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Check your email. My discord is Jcach7#7547
  • LithmeticVibezLithmeticVibez Posts: 2Member One post wonder
    Alright I really want to join a team and grow my skills with a team so I'm in
  • luhnzyluhnzy Posts: 5Member Rookie
    luhnzy#0001 on discord, or on twitter
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