Looking for players of all Ranks!

FluffyexeFluffyexe Posts: 1Member One post wonder
What are the perks to joining?
- Non Toxic Community
- Structured teams with training support.
- In-house league competition (with actual prizes  it is our merch though)
- We have sponsors! Twitch.tv/Discord
- Plenty of friendly people and fun events to take part in!
- Free coaching

There is literally 1 requirement
-Be active on our forums and teamspeak

If you're interested hmu on Discord @Fluffyexe#0346


  • S1nnerRebornS1nnerReborn Posts: 22Member Rookie
    Hi, I sent you a friend request on discord (S1nnerReborn). 
  • UpperCaseUpperCase Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Hi, my name is UpperCase and I am a champ 1. I added u on discord (UpperCase) / I have been in a lot of Esport teams so in know how every thing works. Thank you!
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