Grand Champ LF Team

MattanMattan Posts: 2Member Rookie
Season 9 and 10 GC LF team to participate in tournaments as ESL and similar.


  • PlutoshinPlutoshin Posts: 7Member Rookie
    Message me if interested, I'm d3
  • Kurtz_Murks_incKurtz_Murks_inc Posts: 17Member Rookie
    Verocity Gaming is recruiting. Specifically for high champ and GC comp teams. You can head to go to gaming tab, competitive gaming and sign up. We'll be in contact after submission is received.
  • RooveRRooveR Posts: 3Member One post wonder
    Hey Mattan did you find a team yet? i'm willing to start one im gc in s3,s5 and s10
  • IconikIconik Posts: 8Member Rookie
    Add me on Discord when you get the chance. Iconik#8893
  • SyllaSylla Posts: 11Member Rookie
    Add my Discord KevyN#6904 if u wanna team up with 1700 GCs including girls ;)

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