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Looking to play competitively

FLOWBIRDFLOWBIRD Member Posts: 4 Rookie
My name is FLOWBIRD and i want to play R6 competitively.  I am a very good strategist and have a strong leadership presence in this game. I am a Plat 3 and I am well trained on a variety of operators within a team. I have a passion and desire to compete. My gamertag is               IG FLOWBIRD and I look forward to the opportunity. 


  • BAPO25BAPO25 Member Posts: 4 Rookie
    Message me on discord BAPO25#3718
  • LuniLuni Member Posts: 7 Rookie
    Hey man my friend and I meet your requirements and are interested in joining I play everyday I will practice hard and I hope I can join on my main acc on pc I got to plat 3 with a small clan and now I play on xbox on xbox I got to gold 3 and so did my friend and solo que got my down to low silver so right now I'm only playing on my smurf for ranked my goal is to reach plat again this season and make it to challenger league with a serious tryhard clan my GT:heyitsluni        my friends gt:SHocKLegened we both have the same goals and I one day aspire to play in pro league.
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