(Xbox) (ESL) (Ranked) Need good team

bosswork15bosswork15 Posts: 8Member Rookie

I am looking for an experienced ESL Team to play Tournaments, Ladders, and Scrims with. Also play Ranked the times we are not playing ESL. I have been playing Ranked since Operation Black Ice, and have been playing ESL since Operation Red Crow. I am a veteran Rainbow Six Siege player. I can use any Operator and play any role. Like I said, I am an experienced Rainbow player. I watch Pro league matches every day, and watch Pro streams just to learn better tactics. I have a schedule that works well with any ESL team. I am on from 5 PM MST till 3 AM MST (I live in the West, but am good on any US server). I play all day Saturday and Sunday. I carry my own weight every game, you will never see me on the bottom of the leader board. I am currently a Gold 3. If you have a team with good communication, runs plays, and is frequently on, hit me on here @bosswork15 or add me on XBOX my GT: extendowood


  • DMCDMC Posts: 34Member Rookie
    NA or EU?
  • bosswork15bosswork15 Posts: 8Member Rookie
    @DMC I am NA
  • zackatta8800zackatta8800 Posts: 3Member Rookie
    @bosswork15 im recruting for myst clan im head leader must be lvl 75 or better make exceptions looking to play in a tournament this sunday on nae the tournament starts at 18:00 edt if ur interested join this discord link look for myst_zackatta8800 https://discord.gg/vRAWc4
  • vTrendKingvTrendKing Posts: 5Member Rookie
    my gamertag is vTrendKing

  • ImG00DtrustMEImG00DtrustME Posts: 2Member One post wonder
    I’m interested
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