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Insurgency : Sandstorm League

suresure Posts: 39Member Rookie

Hello ,

I wanted to investigate how many people would be interested that the game would be included in the ESL.

In my opinion, the game is just predestined to cause quite a stir here.

We are definitely hopeful that enough interested players will join our proposal.

Maybe then in the near future we will be ready to play the Insurgency: Sandstorm League together.

That's why, all those who are in the mood for the game.

Please stir the drum properly.

Because the game definitely has what it takes.



  • sprudLer'sprudLer' Posts: 12Member Rookie
    Yes, the game just has to come in the ESL. I hope it works.
    We, the people who just want the game, just have to team up and push the game up.

  • suresure Posts: 39Member Rookie
    Hohop 🤠
  • suresure Posts: 39Member Rookie
  • suresure Posts: 39Member Rookie
    mhhhhhhhhhh ;)
  • NoqkiiNoqkii Posts: 3Member Rookie
  • MasserMasser Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Would love it, Insurgency used to have one :) 
  • gdenakleikigdenakleiki Posts: 1Member One post wonder
  • sprudLer'sprudLer' Posts: 12Member Rookie
    Someone is playing any other Leagues ?
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