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hAwkzyyhAwkzyy Member Posts: 4 Rookie
I'm currently sixteen years old. I want to join a team which is willing and has the energy to put on the work, time and sacrifices that it takes to become the best team in the world. English, Swedish or Norwegian speaking teams. I don't think I have what it takes to be an IGL, but I am very good to assist one and be a strong shotcaller. I excel in adaptation mid game. I am able to connect the players together towards one goal and to reverse negative mindset/situations inside the team during a game. 

- Mid round and adaptation calls.
- Connect players together
- Can reverse negative mindsets of a team during a game to make sure we tried our hardest until the end.
- I 100% trust the calls from my IGL and teammates.
- Hard worker
- Honest
- I've played almost every role of the game and I can play most of the operators. I am also very quick to adapt with new ones.

- My movements. I am not worried about my aim at all, but I think i need to work on my movements to really make it shine. i.e. shoulder peeking, holding the right angles etc.
- I am thinking a lot about every move that the team can make to try to predict them and prepare reaction from myself or the team, which means that sometimes I can miss a call from a teammate if my name is not pronounced, as I am a bad multi tasker.
- I am a very passionate person, which means that I really care about the games that I play and how we preform as a team, this can be negative and positive at the same time because I used to get frustrated, but I think I've sorted this issue.


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