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Enmity Unit eSports is recruiting NA players for Go4R6 Cups, open ladders, Challenger League.

bobbob Member Posts: 33 Rookie
edited January 2019 in Recruitment (PC)

Enmity Unit eSports is looking for (NA) players for our competitive Rainbow Six: Siege Roster. We are looking to play in the Go4R6 Cups, open ladders, Challenger League, along with UPCOMING MAJOR TOURNAMENTS in 2019.

Please be mature, open minded, have a decent schedule, and dedicated to the team and to the game, losing is part of the grind so no cry babies who want to drop after a loss.



Only Requirements:
Have a PC

Be 18 years of age or older.  If you are 17 and are turning 18 within the next 2 months, please, still reach out.

Have Discord

Have all operators

Preferred Qualifications:
550+ hours of game time on any platform (PC, PlayStation 4, XBOX, or combination)

High attention to detail

Great Microphone

Extensive Map Knowledge

Extensive Operator Knowledge


DM me via Twitter @Bobfillcatch (This is the easiest and fastest way for me) Or post it below! 

I will be reviewing all info as it comes in and will be reaching out.

Please provide the following information:

Discord - 

uPlay ID - 

R6Tab Link -

Preferred Role - 

ESL Experience - 

Availability - 


 Thank you for checking out the post and please, exercise some patients as this process takes time.




  • smittysmitty Member Posts: 15 Rookie
    Smitty31197#3708 is my discord can you add I have a few questions
  • bobbob Member Posts: 33 Rookie
    Smitty, I cannot find you on discord.  DM on twitter.
  • GitG00dGitG00d Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    edited January 2019

    Discord -  GitG00d#4663

    uPlay ID - GitG00d.Tac0

    R6Tab Link - https://r6tab.com/6da74a99-cb87-49e4-81f3-fddac30358e3

    Preferred Role - Flex on defense and usually play support on offense.

    ESL Experience - None but I am more than willing to learn and grow as a player.

    Availability - Most weekends and at least twice at night during the weekdays.

  • bobbob Member Posts: 33 Rookie
    Still looking for players.
  • BredBred Member Posts: 7 Rookie
    Discord - Bred-#3551
     uPlay ID - Bred-
     R6Tab Link - https://r6tab.com/fee7eb1a-da0c-4e0a-a82e-c163c0923079 …
     Preferred Role - Roamer/Anchor Fragger/Flankwatch
     ESL Experience - Not much
     Availability - all the time

     i dont use twitter much so discord dm's are better,
  • StashStash Member Posts: 6 Rookie

    Discord - Stash#7154

    uPlay ID - Stash.VICE

    R6Tab Link - https://r6tab.com/6ef3d031-c8c5-4ea7-8b95-47ac33f8f1e4   (The blank on Para Bellum can be explained)

    Preferred Role - Hook/Short Roam on Defense. 2nd Entry/Soft Breach on Offense

    ESL Experience - Played in about a half dozen Go4's and Community Cups

    Availability - Available almost everyday of the week after 5pm PST. Sundays can vary due to work.

    Been playing on both Xbox and PC. Have around 1300 hours according to Steam. 

  • XenovicXenovic Member Posts: 5 Rookie

    Discord - Xenovic.#1184

    uPlay ID - Xenovic.

    R6Tab Link - https://r6tab.com/1b596a45-c456-438f-b5ce-8beb1f5960bc

    Preferred Role - Fragger/Roamer

    ESL Experience - None, but wanting to play as a professional to improve my skills.

    Availability - For now Thursday, Tuesday, Saturday I can not play until 6pm-7pm and Sunday until 1pm (may change this Wednesday) 

  • Caleb Caleb Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    Zooud-looking for team#8137
    I can play anytime 
    I am well experienced  over 1000 hours in the game 
    looking to play competitively 

  • bobbob Member Posts: 33 Rookie
    Still looking for players
  • smittysmitty Member Posts: 15 Rookie
    I tried sending you a message on twitter and it says you cant get any

  • bobbob Member Posts: 33 Rookie
    Smitty, add me on discord. bobfillcatch#4929
  • C0ld_HandsC0ld_Hands Member Posts: 1 One post wonder

    Discord - Tactical Kitty#7973

    uPlay ID - C0ld_Hands

    R6Tab Link - https://r6tab.com/b9132647-cb2a-48be-9434-ea99d5c4a9a8

    Preferred Role - Anchor on defend, Support on offense

    ESL Experience - None, but I would like to learn.

    Availability - Friday, Saturday, Sunday

  • PineappleBoiHYZPineappleBoiHYZ Member Posts: 1 One post wonder

    Discord - pineappleboiHYZ#0209

    uPlay ID - UwUChungus.jpg (gonna change it soon to my actual online name

    R6Tab Link - https://r6tab.com/37129eff-f41c-4a6a-bf55-26958759a5b7

    Preferred Role - Anchor/soft roamer on defense, any for attack 

    ESL Experience - none, Id like to learn 

    Availability - any/most nights, Tuesdays and Saturdays 

  • bobbob Member Posts: 33 Rookie
    I am having a hard time finding you guys on Discord for Messaging, please feel free to add or message me.
  • Flaco.MvGFlaco.MvG Member Posts: 18 Rookie

    Discord - i.Carlyyy #6584

    uPlay ID - i.Carlyyy.Tac0

    R6Tab Link - https://r6.tracker.network/profile/pc/i.Carlyyy.Tac0  (r6 tab wasn't working for me) 

    Preferred Role - support (Thatcher, Thermite) Flex (Rook, MIra, Bandit) 

    ESL Experience - None, interested in learning 

    Availability - Basically everyday from 7pm 

  • bobbob Member Posts: 33 Rookie
    still looking for players.....

  • SkimpinatorSkimpinator Member Posts: 8 Rookie

    Discord - Skimpinator#0736

    uPlay ID - Skimpinator

    R6Tab Link - https://r6tab.com/6c46cb11-50bc-4455-b364-c9edd324b5db

    Preferred Role - not really sure, still figuring it out

    ESL Experience - N/A, but extensive GameBattles experience with other games

    Availability - Open, except thursdays.

    Not gonna lie, I'm still new to Siege on PC. I'm transitioning from PS4 and the game plays extremely different, hence why I'm still figuring out which role best fits me on PC. If you're open to discuss things, you can DM me on Twitter @ColtTweets2Much

  • PhD_t-boltPhD_t-bolt Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Discord - DocNasty91#8629

    Uplay - PhD_t-bolt

    R6Tab link - https://r6tab.com/4d9ba255-2a38-4171-a291-cfbfe8a8ee1b

    Preferred Role- Support/Flex

    ESL Experience- 3 go4r6 on ps4 and one on pc. also played a bunch of scrims these past couple weeks for my buddies team but i want to be on a team.

    Availability- Duty once a week and then work at a bar Saturday nights but other than that i am always free and online. 
  • ChungusChungus Member Posts: 15 Rookie
    Discord - XRivalxAxisX#2771

    uPlay ID - RivalAxis

    R6Tab Link - https://r6tab.com/32963b71-7002-4157-b04f-e4b28fafd52c/operators

    Preferred Role - Flex on defense/Support on Offense

    ESL Experience - Played some GameBattles back in the day, but no ESL experience for siege

    Availability - All the time
  • ChungusChungus Member Posts: 15 Rookie
    *Ps* I play on both Xbox and PC
  • RazoR.-RazoR.- Member Posts: 5 Rookie

    Discord - RazoR#4127

    uPlay ID - Proxy_RazoR

    R6Tab Link - https://r6tab.com/858ab6cf-5b34-4dc1-b638-7ffc83b2470a

    Preferred Role - Any on attack, heavy roam on defense

    ESL Experience - Partcipated in some minor tournaments but no ESL yet

    Availability - Weeknights after 7pm CST and weekends

  • ImdeceiveImdeceive Member Posts: 9 One post wonder

    Discord - PRADA#9362

    uPlay ID - Imdeceive

    R6Tab Link -https://r6tab.com/2a4655a1-239a-41ef-8d25-e978d0aac4b7

    Preferred Role - Flex

    ESL Experience - No.

    Availability - Evenings after 6 pm PT, Weekends.

  • tot_manntot_mann Member Posts: 31 Rookie

    Discord - tot#4131

    uPlay ID - tot_mann_gehen

    R6Tab Link -https://r6tab.com/511b6c59-e603-4ee2-94c1-20d20bd5d2e8

    Preferred Role - All Roles

    Availability - always

  • LoLa..LoLa.. Member Posts: 14 Rookie

    Discord - Lupo#8466

    uPlay ID - LoLa..

    R6Tab Link - https://r6tab.com/f7df1ff1-e995-43a9-a6df-0533bdcd941b/ranks

    Preferred Role -  Fill

    ESL Experience - Some from Counter Strike

    Availability - any time after midnight central (but should be switching to anytime after 5pm central in about 2 weeks)

  • SkettieeSkettiee Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    edited January 2019

    Discord - Skettiee#1194

    uPlay ID - Skettiee

    R6Tab Link - https://r6.tracker.network/profile/pc/Skettiee (r6 tab was down all day so I used the tracker.)

    Preferred Role - Flex (Defense) Support (Attacking)

    ESL Experience - Not much on here, But have had experience with GameBattles back in the day. 

    Availability - Evenings (Weekdays) but not available Saturday and Sunday mornings/afternoon.

  • KellKell Member Posts: 15 Rookie
    Discord - Venom#5937
    Uplay ID - VenomTN.
    R6Tab Link was down, so I used R6 tracker - https://r6.tracker.network/profile/pc/VenomTN./operators
    Preferred Role - Support/Flex (attack) , Support (defense) 
    ESL Experience - Have played a few go4's with teams of friends, but no established team experience
    Availability - Usually very flexible with schedule
  • tot_manntot_mann Member Posts: 31 Rookie

    Discord - tot#4131

    uPlay ID -  tot_mann_gehen

    R6Tab Link - https://r6tab.com/511b6c59-e603-4ee2-94c1-20d20bd5d2e8

    Preferred Role - any role

    ESL Experience - xbox tournament 

    Availability - anytime

  • MerchMooseeMerchMoosee Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    edited February 2019
    Flex(cav valk and vigil/echo smoke and maestro)
    Practiced for months for go4 but two players had to leave and we were short
    And I’m always available I’m on everyday
  • bobbob Member Posts: 33 Rookie
    Looking to 10 Man games this weekend for a sort of Mass tryout.  Please DM or add me on discord bobfillcatch#4929
  • JamHamJamHam Member Posts: 10 Rookie
    Discord - Jam#4693

    uPlay ID - Jam.Oni

    Preferred Role - Anchor/Lurker on defense and Support (Thermite, Thatcher, that sort of thing) on attack

    ESL Experience - None

    Availability - Most weekends, at least 3 week nights
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