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[EU] Looking for a PC team

N1ghtmar3euN1ghtmar3eu Member Posts: 32 Rookie
edited January 2019 in Recruitment (PC)
Discord Name: Nightmare-PCSiege-Up-NightmareEU#6255

Current Rank: gold 2

Highest Achieved Rank: plat 3 on pc plat 2 on console

Age:17 and 18 in 6 months

Reason for wanting to join: I have been trying to play comp siege on xbox but is difficult when not many people wanna play comp siege on console

Do you have experience with tournament play: I have played a couple of GO4s and i am constantly watching pro league

Main operators: i can play what ever is needed

I can do practise but i have college From monday to wednesday


  • DMCDMC Member Posts: 34 Rookie
    Add my discord IMMR DMC#8808
  • hAwkzyyhAwkzyy Member Posts: 4 Rookie
    Add my discord hAwkzyy#1218

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