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Are there any perks of being a admin of ESL

ES_AmRiTES_AmRiT Member Posts: 4 Rookie
As Above Described A friend of mine is joining ESL admin. I just wanted to know are there any perks


  • KeNiKeNi Member, ESL Staff Posts: 181 Ambassador
    edited November 2018
    Hello @BoL8_AmrIT ,

    As an ESL admin you get to work alongside an awesome team of likeminded people, people who are just as interested as you to start their career in esports. In addition, interacting with players and team (sometimes pro teams :D), will become a part of your life. Upon joining, you're immediatly introduced to the entire family of ESL Play (from new blood to community management). It's worth pointing out that your first step doesn't have to be a cup referee if that's not your cup of tea, you can also start out as a graphics designer, editor and promoter. Some games also offer casting positions, which are also volunteer work, however as a caster you are not directly associated with ESL, but rather a partner instead. The cool thing is, there have been casters who started on ESL Play, and are now getting gigs and are able to make a living out of it.

    A disclaimer: Joining ESL as a volunteer staff or volunteer caster does not guarantee that you will be making any money, I just wanted to make that clear before I continue.

    Once you have chosen the path you want to take to begin your journey (you can expand after your trainee period is over), you as a staff member is entitled to a staff email address (@staff.eslgaming.com), and more, but those will be discussed with each admin after they become a member of our family. ;)

    How we treat all new volunteer staff: The ESL staff is built using a hierarchy from Trainee to Global Staff Head (new blood to head of the volunteer staff), with a community manager (Turtle Entertainment employee) at the top. As such, upon joining you are assigned a tutor, responsible for training you, and making sure that you are following our guidelines and our way of doing things. Your tutor is always there to answer any questions that you might have, including questions you wish to keep secret if you so choose. In addition to your tutor, your team will always be equally helpful. I can tell you how I became a part of the staff, and how I developed and get to do what I do today.

    I joined the staff in 2017, when I became a part of the "CrossFire" staff as a cup referee. I had and still do, a burning passion to help the various esports scenes. I was assigned a tutor and I began learning how an admin should act towards the community - any community (including internally, of course!), and learning the basics of being a good cup referee, which of course is nothing but objective decison making. Despite being a trainee, something really surprised me - everyone's opinion, regardless of skill or knowledge are treated equal, and if something isn't quite right what you're saying, you won't be immediatly shut down, but instead your team will explain to you in a very friendly and mature tone why, and together you will build on your original idea and make it even better. 

    I worked my way up the ladder and I eventually became the head of the volunteer staff after the previous no longer had time to support the game and it's staff. Because I love ESL and the atmosphere the staff brings so much, I ended up joining several other games' staff, such as Rocket League, Destiny, Haxball, and a couple of other games. As time went on, I decided to step down from the mentioned games, because I wanted to further develop my skills in community relations, and that was when I joined the forum moderators, and the anti-cheat support team. Long story short, I have loved every second of being a part of the ESL staff.

    The skills that I have developed over time are not pointless, these are real skills that can be incredibly enticing on a CV, not just for esports, but in any field! The above mentioned positions (if you will), are only scraping the surface. There is no better way to begin your esports career as saturated as it is today, than joining ESL Play and getting your name out there - none!

    Here are some of the skills that I have developed and which I'm able to comfortably show on my CV, depending on what field I'm interested in!

    - Referee skills
    - Document/Spreadsheet skills
    - Leadership skills
    - Community relations skills
    - Support representative skills
    - League operations skills

    If you are jealous of what your friend is about to experience, then don't hesitate to join our staff today! https://play.eslgaming.com/join-the-staff Your goal should be to aim for a clean, properly formatted and easy to read admin application, that will greatly improve your chances of getting accepted!

    Feel free to ask questions!



  • Amit_pooniaAmit_poonia Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    Hey @Citru ,

    I have applied for admin, when can i expect to hear back from them.

    One of my friend who applied 6 months ago had never heard back from them.
  • KeNiKeNi Member, ESL Staff Posts: 181 Ambassador
    Hi @Amit_poonia ,

    Please link you and your friends ESL profile and I'll find that out for you.

  • Amit_pooniaAmit_poonia Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    Hey @Citru ,

    My friend got himself into some other field and he is no longer interested, but i am attaching link of my profile for your review.

    Thank you for quick response.
  • KeNiKeNi Member, ESL Staff Posts: 181 Ambassador
    Hi @Amit_poonia

    I have looked into this for you and everything is as it should be. Expect to receive an answer about your application in the coming weeks or sooner. 

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