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HelHeim looking for you

NoggeNogge Member Posts: 16 Rookie
Hey we are HelHeim warriors
and we are now looking for competetive players in 

Rocket league 
League of legends
R6 and soon CS

We are at the moment a small community with 4 people playing for our League of legends team (not high ranks) the captain of that team is my friends Drazzyz
And for the Rocket league team its my self and this application is mostly for the RL team but ofc your welcome to send an application for the other teams
But we are looking for you thats 

  • Competetive
  • Good teammate
  • Not toxic
  • Dedicated
  • not afraid to learn and improve
  • Be high/higher rank
We will start compete in ESL tourneys and move forward
Are you the one we need? then send in your application by sending a message to me or join our discord https://discord.gg/tzXCCA and try to get a hold on me ( GeneralNogge ) or   
( Drazzyz )
My steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/GeneralNogge/


  • jhowe13jhowe13 Member Posts: 3 One post wonder
    hey man I tried to find you on discord, I was unable to.
  • NoggeNogge Member Posts: 16 Rookie
    just add me to steam
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