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Medieval Esports is looking to pick up a team! (Funded)

OhBonezzOhBonezz Member Posts: 25 Rookie
Hello! We are Medieval Esports and we are currently looking to pick up a team that is looking for a organization. We have been around since early 2018. At the moment we currently have a COD team that is playing in CWL. We hope to pick up another game and that would be League Of Legends. We have always had a passion for the game. If this sounds like something your team would be interested in please contact below after reading our requirements.
  • Players must be 17+ but we prefer 18+
  • We like the players to be ranked plat+ 
  • We like all players to have discord for communication 
We DO fund players for lans as well as online tournaments. We hope to take this further by 2019 and have full paying contracts set up for all players. So if you wanna get paid to game by 2019 then this is your chance :)

Twitter- https://twitter.com/MedievalFTW
Email- [email protected]
Discord-  https://discord.me/medievalftw


  • MindKillMindKill Member Posts: 13 Rookie
    You are looking only full team? or you can take ME? i am top line . dimond 5 EUW
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