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TeamExileTeamExile Posts: 11Member Rookie
Good day all,

TeamExile is looking for established teams to help grow our brand. We are a organisation that first started back in 2003 but didnt go into organisation mode until around 2015. We are launching again this year after a year away and we are doing it with a bang. So we are opening to teams in almost any game if it makes sense. But so you know we are only wanting to pick up 1-3 teams as we dont want to stack the organisation and cant get our teams anything. We want to be able to offer our players support and help to grow as a team with the organisation.

What we can do for you -

- League fees paid for.

- An outlet to help you grow to the next level.

- Assign a manager to help you achieve goals.

- LAN fees paid if you are consistently performing in online leagues.

- Promotion through Media, content, articles and events.

- Gear, Product and clothing as you grow and perform.

- Promote your twitch/YouTube and social media.

- To established teams we offer more. If you got the results you ofc get more. 

What we want from you –

- Dedicated players to promote our brand.

- Content for our website and social media.

- Respectful.

If interested plz do contact us either here or [email protected]  Will provide all information and more about us there.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards

John Rigg, TeamExile team Manager.


  • jobojobo Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Hi, I would like to join your team. 

  • flippiflippi Posts: 6Member Rookie
    Finnish 18 years old TOP player.
    Add me so we can talk more:
  • KolvichtKolvicht Posts: 2Member One post wonder
    Good evening, My name is Kolvicht. 

    I have been playing CS for 5 years and am willing to preform at my highest caliber. My mindset is to become pro and sit on that stage, win or lose. I want to bring myself and the ORG to the top. please, add me on discord or steam, or DM me on twitter.

    Hope to be hearing from you soon. 

    Discord; Kolvicht#9907


  • DriftyDrifty Posts: 6Member Rookie
    Hi i am an OK player looking for a team to practice cs go with. I don't get online much, because the WiFi is crap here, and I am running a bad setup. I am willing to take criticism and am extremely communicative, although this will all be for the team to decide.

    I would love to play on your team, you can contact me here
    My Steam:
    My Discord:
  • toeZtoeZ Posts: 2Member One post wonder
    Hello I am a CS player from Brazil and I wanted to know if you are promoting our team as an organization, we were currently the finalists of the @net championship called "ECC", and we are looking for an organization. We are looking forward to attending a net tomorrow if they would like to see us and we will be honored.
  • SnowSnow Posts: 4Member Rookie
    Hi I’m snow I’m a 17 year old rifle and awper been on the semi pro scene before and would love to be back in a serious community again I play very smart and have good game sense, I’m confident in my role and play very serious I feel as if I could be a good asset to the team and would love to play for a team like this thank you for your time I hope to hear back from you ! -Snow
  • VksVks Posts: 10Member Rookie
    Hi am 15 years old and is this css team,if so i would like to join.btw my ign is I_AM_STREETCAT.I am so willing to join a team and am frm semi pro.

  • EdittedEditted Posts: 2Member Rookie
    Hello. Can you tell if there is an age requirement for this team? I am interested in joining a team but all the teams I have looked for had an age requirement.
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