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Recruiting for a Team.

pixel_Freakpixel_Freak Posts: 2Member Rookie
Hello all ,
We are looking for 4 players, mostly from EU (others are welcomed too) as we'll be playing on EU servers.
I am looking for some really dedicated players who are willing to making it to esports and reaching the top ranks.

We are looking for the following roles:
  • 1) Main flanker (Must be really pro at it) but isn't bad at others too. 
  • 2) Main healer (Must do high healing) and can play others too.
  • 3) Main damage (Be able to deal high damage) and can play others too.
  • 4) Must be good in overall, be a good leader and will be playing more as a backup player in the tournaments.

  • 1) Be able to deal/heal 90k+ damage.
  • 2) Must be 18+
  • 3) Have discord.
  • 4) Speak English
  • 5) Preferred to be on EU servers (if you got good internet, are form elsewhere besides EU and can play well. That's acceptable as well.)
  • 6) Respect your team-mates & help out each other.
  • 7) Should practice on a daily basis 2hrs-5hrs a day (unless something important).
  • 8) Should have atleast 100 hours in-game
  • 9) Your main should be lvl30 or above. (if got 2 or more mains then they should be above lvl20).
  • 10) Have a good PC & Internet connection (good enough to live stream if needed).
For the application do reply here with the link to your profile (in Paladins guru) and make sure you fill in all 12 requirements,


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