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Violent Mentality searching for more players to add to starting and sub roster

ThugDaveThugDave Posts: 13Member Rookie
ThugDave here, IGL and team manager of the Violent Mentality Black team.
We've got a team set up, tons of strats already in place and a coach ready to go. There are a few qualifications for this position and they are as follow:
-Plat 3 or higher(This season or previous one, I will R6DB you to make sure.)
-Good communication and willingness to learn with a good attitude
-Understanding of the role you intend to play(That being said, if you are a flex player I need to see in your stats that you indeed can flex and do well on that character.)
-Availability for practice and a flexible schedule(We have an EST guy, I'm in CST and 2 PST'ers)
-We are sponsored so you need to have a professional attitude
-18+ (Sorry younger guys, it's not you, its the league.)
-This team is purely pushing for CCS/ESA and making our way into pro league(We're not looking to just be a Go4 team, that said there is a decent amount of dedication I and the team require from you.)
Thanks for reading over. If this sounds like you or you're interested to talk, contact me @ ThugDave#8602 or our organization's co-owner/Esports manager @ Revok#3598 on discord or down below and I'll get to you ASAP. Thanks again!
P.S. Also for those inquiring we DO NOT offer contracts at this time.


  • HeckoratorHeckorator Posts: 23Member Rookie
    Up and coming team 
  • LSD_AquariusLSD_Aquarius Posts: 5Member Rookie
    hey Thug, my name is anthony/ LSD_Aquarius, i saw your post on the esl forums and ive been playing siege since year one, ive been wanting to take my gaming to the next level and start competing but i wasnt good enough until recently. I wont bore you with all the details now, but im plat 3, 1.0 kd, on r6db it says 0.97, i heavily play support/anchor characters on defence like rook and doc and thatcher and thermite on attack, but i can use pretty much anyone that is needed at the time, i have good map knowledge and i know or i would like to think i do which operators i should use for different rooms on the maps. I would love to get into contact with you and have a discussion to see if im the man for the job. Thank you my discord is LSDaquarius#8923
  • ThugDaveThugDave Posts: 13Member Rookie
    Gonna go ahead and bump this to let you guys know we're still looking :)
  • Yurix EdenYurix Eden Posts: 3Member Rookie
    Hey I'm not too good but I'm looking for people to learn with. Would be fantastic if you guys could teach me a thing or two. I would like to go pro league some day but I'm far from it skill wise. I hope you don't take this as an insult I'm just hopefull that I can get some help to do better ^^;
  • CrocellCrocell Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Hello, I was wondering if you guys are still looking for a player i'm 19 years old I live in Canada I work a full time job so my time is a little limited but if your interested shot me a message my discord name is Crocell#5652 the best way to get in contact with me
  • revolution1256revolution1256 Posts: 2Member Rookie
    Uplay: revolution1256 Discord: revolution1256#0145
  • TissueTissue Posts: 9Member Rookie
    edited July 2018
    Hi, I'm 24, added you on discord. Previously played on launch and have been playing on and off for a while. Was on a top team in S1, was disbanded due to people splitting to different games. Previous experience in CS:GO playing main in esea and cevo. Was on a top 40 OW team prior to OWL. Currently hovering around Plat3 soloq on 2 accounts. Have vast knowledge and raw aiming skill. Look forward to hearing from you. Tissue#8295 for discord. Tissue_R6 / TheTissueSmurf. Previously held a 4.0 W/R although have been playing with irl friends a lot of has dipped.
  • XanderXander Posts: 3Member Rookie
    Uplay: PickleRick.-
    Discord: joshua_1004#8423
    Rank: Plat 3 (PC)
    Highest Rank: Plat 2 (console) IGN: joshua_1004 (console)
    Age: 18
    I am definitely interested in competing in tournaments and scrims, that is the main reason I am searching for a team.
  • ThugDaveThugDave Posts: 13Member Rookie
    As of today, the Main roster has been filled. Subs are still wanted and needed, and subs will play at every practice and will eventually, the sub roster will eventually be its own roster. Thanks for your interests! Hope to see some more Apps soon!
  • M3GA_FASTM3GA_FAST Posts: 3Member Rookie
    Hello my name is Analee and I'm a female gamer looking to push her way through the leaderboards and try to be the absolute best. I'm play 2 on PC and Console (PS4) for this season, I'm extremely competitive, LOVE to learn and want to be apart of a well rounded team. I play Rainbow every single day for multiple hours and is always finding time to practice. 

    Gamertag (PC): ThyFemale.Ne 
    KD: 0.9  (Played with the wrong people and still cant get a consistent group)
    WL: 1.29

    Gamertag (PS4): M3GA_FAST
    WL: 1.3
    KD: 1.0

    Although my stats are low, I communicate affectively, I'm also a team player when it comes to ops, although I do prefer certain ones if others are not needed. I hope you see me as a good fit, if you want to talk more, please E-mail me at [email protected] if you'd like to ask any further questions! 
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