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***NEW COMMUNITY*** > Coalition Warfare > please read..........

KILLswitchKILLswitch Posts: 55Member Aspirant


Hello, I would like to start by saying thank you for viewing this page, my name is James, I am ex-army and have been playing this game since release, love the team work and tactical aspect. I have joined several big community’s and found they are either too strict with rules and/or the activity of members were not consistent. Therefore, me and a couple of my friends have decided to make our own, we have all been diamond rank most seasons and currently sit at plat 1-2. 

We do not require you to be on the website every day, to attend mandatory events, to have to be on team speak if you open steam or Uplay, none of this matters to us but with this said there obviously there needs to be some rules and standards/requirements in place, we are flexible and if you don’t meet these requirements but still want to apply then feel free and we will review your application.


• 18+
• EU
• Use TS 
• Discipline
• 50 hrs in ranked (according to uplay)
• Gold rank or above
• KD of 1.1 or above 
• Wear our CLAN TAG at the end of your Uplay name 

before applying on website these are explained in more detail

If you want to play this game every day with mature people who are consistently online, building long term relationships, working as a team and ultimately have the same passion as us then.....................


please apply: 
please use the same name on our website and TS

*please note the community is new and website is still under work/maintenance, things still may be subject to change*


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