[NA] Convoluted eSports looking for a 5th!

SidearmsavageSidearmsavage Posts: 7Member Rookie

We are a competitive team and we have good experience playing competitive and want to take it to the next level and form a team that can potentially win events/go4s. I am the coach and we are looking for a solid fit into our lineup. We are currently trying to find a 5th man so if you are interested you must meet these requirements:

About us: We are the 2X National Gaming Tournament Champs, and we previously won a GO4 and we are pushing for CCS League and eventually Challenger League this upcoming season.

-18 years old +

-NA Player

-Plat1/Diamond level player

-Frequently Active

-Has a good mic/ good communication skills

If you are interested please leave your uplay in the comments below and I will add you personally and plan tryouts.

Team Twitter: ConvolutedR6

Thank you!


  • Salty.DpSSalty.DpS Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Uplay: SaltyWan
  • YurixYurix Posts: 5Member Rookie
    edited June 2018
    I don't do ranked but if you guys still need a 5th and don't have much choice I hope you guys'll give me a shot.

    Uplay: Confused_Ash

    Even if you guys don't go with me it'd be cool to hang with people with the ambition to take on the esports scene. Really hard to find that with the people I'm with right now.
  • Senseida.Senseida. Posts: 8Member Rookie
    edited June 2018
    Uplay : Senseida.

    1000 hours of exp, have stuck with my current team for 4 months
    Played in ESA contender series
    Discord : Senseida #2234
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    Uplay: Panoxite_
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