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Kaiju is recruiting Tekken 7 players for a team need three members!

AlphaN64AlphaN64 Posts: 6Member Rookie
edited May 2018 in General (English)
Hello guys it's Alpha and I'm captain of Tekken 7 team for the Esports team Team Kaiju, I currently have myself as a player and am looking for roles to help me manage my squad. I need the following:
-Coach (Someone who is flexible with times and can manage times for training)
-Manager(someone who can help me manage the squad)
Three players, I will be looking to take in three more players that will join me. Furthermore i will be taking a substitute player as well.
Rules are though you have to be 16+
and speak fluent English if you don't you will be rejected.
You also have to be apart of the EU to join as this is an EU only team. 
If you are interested DM me on Discord, as me as a friend using the following tag and I'll do my best to recruit. 
Thank You and I hope to be working with you guys soon!
Discord tag: Alpha "The Lone Wolf" N64-Kaiju#5692


  • AlphaN64AlphaN64 Posts: 6Member Rookie
    edited May 2018
    Quick Edit to anyone who sees this my name is AlphaN64#5692 add me on discord here!
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