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New Gaming Lab in the house

gaming.labgaming.lab Posts: 1Member
Hello everyone! I work in a new gaming lab from UK and I wish to share this opportunity with you. We only do these because we wish to advance the science behind gaming, and because we truly believe that gaming isn’t just a waste of time, but actually a constructive activity for the brain development! There is some research to speak for this: see Glass, Maddox and Love, 2013, or Green and Bavelier, 2003 (on google scholar).
My lab, in collaboration with, is conducting a study on the top gamers in action, MOBA and RTS games and would like to extend the use of our diagnostic tools and analysis to dedicated amateur players in the community.

Why participate?

1. Effective practice of your gaming abilities (key skills for successful game play such as: identifying and retaining critical information under pressure, or making fast and accurate judgments, ignoring distractions and maintaining this focus over long periods of time, etc.)

2. An objective diagnosis of your strengths and weaknesses (players will be provided with performance metrics upon completion of each measure).

3. The chance to make a unique contribution to the advancement of science. Places are limited, so only the first players registering for this, will have the chance to participate.

To get a feeling of how this looks like, you can try a demo here:
The full study includes 4 tasks, around 15 minutes each.

To participate, create an account at and then add the special promo code 3JS7IV7X . Activate the accounts and complete the tasks by 20th of July 9 +1 GMT.

Gaming LAB
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