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Soul Calibur 6 automatic defeats criteria (17/07)

ThiagoToshiakiThiagoToshiaki Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
Good night, I'm Toshi, from Soul Calibur Brasil.

With PS4 online event our community had the dream of participating EVO realized, but with a strange outcome that we would like to understand better.

In tonight's tournament we had some AUTOMATIC defeats even tho the players were ready and aware with the notifications. We would like to understand what happened and if it was a mistake in any degree or something else.

Case 1: The player "Twitter-warleyf" waited around 40 minutes for his opponent ("shulk_god"), trying to create many rooms and calling for him. He then communicated the WO to the organization, but his win message came together with a defeat message for the next fight (with "Estaires"). We believe he shouldn't receive WO in a fight if he was trying to contact the organization and opponent of the previous fight. 

Case 2: The player "Rk_Miura" had just finished the fight with "Karolkj2" and almost at the same time he received the confirmation of the win he was surprised with a notification about his loss to the next opponent (also "Estaires") in the lower bracket semi finals without time to fight or even trying to connect, resulting in his disqualification.

Case 3: The player "e1000play" lost to "Karolkj2" without fighting and we are aware that "karolkj2" didn't created any request for WO, it happened automatically, she was waiting to fight him and then get surprised with the request to fight "Rk_Miura", the next opponent.

Case 4: The player "Wagner Lopes" claims that he didn't received the notification to play with "peace-n-purpose", that claimed WO and won.

Even tho we have another chance tomorrow, the players are frustrated and confused because at the same time they received win notifications about the previous fight, they received defeat notifications about the next one, again, at the same time. So we would like to ask: Is there anything in the rules we missed or misinterpreted? Does "Estaires" opened requests for WO or it was automatic like "Karolkj2"'s? Is there any extra care we need to have for 18/07? We want to have the best experience and play our whole set of fights fairly, so I thank you for the attention, for the support and also for the event. 

Soul Calibur Brasil


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