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Duplicate Report Cards

makeseymakesey Member Posts: 1 Visitor
  • What is the URL of the page with the bug?

  • Did you receive any error messages or codes (520, 500, etc)?

  • What were you trying to do when you experienced the bug?
Just look at the homepage

  • Please post any pictures of the issue

  • Any additional details to help use recreate the problem
Page starts loading with only one Report Card, duplicate pops in during later part of page loading (see GIFs)
I use Firefox


  • VorsonVorson Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    edited July 13

    There are several common mistakes that Administrators and Teachers can make that could accidentally result in a class showing up multiple times on Report Cards.

    Report Cards reflect the Classes a student is populated into, so one reason a student might have duplicate classes on their Report Card is if the student has been incorrectly populated into classes. For example, when an Administrator was adding students to Classes, they mistakenly added a particular student to "English 9" and "English 10". 

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