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EU player searching for a team to achieve to the pro scene.

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Hi there,

I'm Michael, I'm 18, and currently I would like to find a team with proffesional looking on the scene, and ambitions to achieve something in the game. I think, I'm really talented entry fragger and rifler, but I didn't met antyone with high ambitions, skill and pro-looking statement. I can compete in every tournaments, ESEA Legue, Faceit tournaments, and also would like to raise my faceit level, when we play sometimes, pracc etc. Currently I'm level 3, but it is only because I was playing alone, or with friends and players that are playing for fun, or not so good let's say.  I think I have everything to achieve higher, but I didn't had a chance, to meet so ambitious and skill full in many ways people, to be THE BEST.

There is my Steam account:

And, my Faceit (btw I was playing like **** in stats because I was playing so much and was a bit tired): 

I'm waiting for serious people here ;)
Regards ;)
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