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[EU] Semper Victores Eports Club - Premier Esports Organization

AGxComedianAGxComedian Member Posts: 27 Rookie

SEMVIC (“Semper Victores”) is a amateur gaming and content organization. Based in North America, the company was originally founded in 2017 by "Comedian" then rebranded in 2020.

We are looking for determined and dedicated players that want to be part of esports history and be part of the greatest amateur organization there is!


  • Region - EU

  • MG1 and up

  • Teamwork - A working mic, call outs, supporting each other, being positive.

  • Non-Toxic - This is our core rule. Zero tolerance to any toxicity.

  • Maturity - Zero-tolerance to drama.

  • Age - 16+

*Disclaimer: we will not accept any player who does not meet these requirements!*

why choose us?

We at SEMVIC pride ourselves on three words, Dedication, Determination, and Domination. we are the most dedicated organization on the east coast USA. We are determined to win every battle we partake in even if we got to lose some to win some. ultimately we crush our opponents with strength and courage. even though we are small we are a family unlike those other communities and teams that only say that to entice you. our culture is that of Spartans, we only accept the strong minded and bloodthirsty. you one of them?

if this seems like something you're interested in then please DM me on Discord at: Comedian#1334, or leave a reply below

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