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Female CS:GO player looking for Team/org

InnnnahInnnnah Member Posts: 2 Rookie
I’m Ina, 18 Motivated. Committed. And ready to win tournaments.

I live in France. I have 4.5k hours in game atm and 2.3k on my first account that I don’t have access on anymore. Mge and lvl 2 faceit currently grinding but soloq is kinda tricky. I look for a fixed schedule and commitment because the experience I had with previous teams didn’t go as planned were pretty much playing pugs all day and people didn’t show up on practice. I’m an AWPer. If u have any other questions comment esl in my comments so I know why you added me and we can talk everything through.



  • sysy Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    Hi, we're looking to start a csgo female team. Add me on discord if interested - sy#0322
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