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" Team Anomaly" looking for new members (PC)

MechrologyMechrology Member Posts: 3 Rookie
We are looking for a fresh new team to assemble for competitive play in the universe of Rainbow Six Siege. Once we have assembled, we will focus on betterment of our players and eventually be apart of tourneys/scrims. This is a new team that we are assembling together, so improperness is to be expected.  

   - NA 
   -English speaking (fluently)
   - Age, 17+
   - Willing to improve
   - Gold 2 or higher (above a 0.5 K.D)
   - Good map knowledge
   - feel good player (toxicity will not be tolerated)
   - Take a pre-test with the organizer in order to see if you have made the cut (results shortly after 1-2 hrs)
   - have a microphone (not negotiable)

We are looking for all roles and would highly appreciated for the players to try multiple roles in order to fit the best needs for the team. If interested in this opportunity, please join this server and message the following in the Try-outs channel:

Ubisoft Name:
Preferred roles:
Preferred Operators (3 for each side):
Current Ranking:
Best Ranking:
Current K.D (doesn't matter):
Goals on team:

 To contact the team leader, Join this server on Discord and contact through the Try-outs channel.
 Discord, " Team Anomaly": https://discord.gg/E5yrmzH6t6


  • NoodleDragoNoodleDrago Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    @Mechrology You guys still accepting tryouts?
  • SafetySocksSafetySocks Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    edited May 17
    Age: 17
    Ubisoft Name: Safety.-  ,   MasterOogey (2nd account) 
    Preferred roles: Flex, Support. 
    Preferred Operators (3 for each side): Attack: Zofia, Hibana, Iq.  Defence: Smoke, Mozzie, Valk 
    Current Ranking: Gold 2 
    Best Ranking: Plat 3 
    Current K.D (doesn't matter): 1.2
    Goals on team: Improve as a team and as an individual, gain experience playing with a coordinated team.

  • coltonolson4coltonolson4 Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    19 deltaforce roles support and flex attack ash hibana and nomad defence smoke valk and jager not rank kD .54 goals get some experience with vetran players

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