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》Team SIXX is more than just a esports organization, we are a hub for like minded gamers to meet and compete against each other in a high skilled environment. We reach our market in a number of different ways, through our esport teams, our servers, homegrown tournaments, youtube content, stream team and our social media activity.

》The second goal is to provide the biggest hub for EU players. We want to provide servers in every game, top streamers representing our brand, the best players and the best content creators.

》We all have our fair share of community experience, and we really want others to have the best gaming experience available. Team SIXX was built with true passion for esports while bringing professionalism, integrity and dedication to the playing field.

Friendly Reminder: This is currently an unpaid position, however there is potential for future compensation depending on the state of the organization. In the event that we are in the position to offer pay, a legally binding contract will be written.

  • 18+
  • Previous proven coaching experience and game knowledge
  • Maturity and fluency in English, French or Romanian as well as dedication to carry this ambitious project to conclusion
  • Availability at least 2-3 times a week

  • Coordinating general coaching activities and leading VOD reviews orcoaching sessions.
  • Synchronizing with team manager to organize schedule around team's needs and your availabilities for VOD reviews and 1on1
To Apply: 
  • Please put your discord username (example#1234), your rank, and any other pertinent information you feel would help us get to know you.



  • sysy Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    ^ latest edit: All platforms available
  • Never Stop GamingNever Stop Gaming Member Posts: 3 Rookie

  • S1nnerRebornS1nnerReborn Member Posts: 33 Rookie
    I couldn't tell if this was a post looking for players or staff.
  • MisikatoMisikato Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    Misikato#8577 C2 looking for a team around my lvl to train and get better with and try to compete against others in tournaments. I'm also not that confident in my skills because there is no one in my friend group that's a higher rank than me so I could compare.
  • kozukozu Member Posts: 18 Rookie
    izure#3882, GC2 from NA.
  • ProdiGEProdiGE Member Posts: 6 Rookie
    Hi there, ProdiGE#9098  -  GC1 in 2s and 3s was GC2 - NoGrinding this Season, was Qualified for League1 in German Rocket League Scene but Team disbanded cause of Racism of a Teammate which where we decided to break up the Team instead of carrying the burden with us.

    I prefer playing with People my Rank and surely Higher - I am able to Adapt very quick to different Playstyles.
    ~4000Hours+ of Playtime.

    Looking for a Serious Team no Community thing.

  • GM-DEMIAN.EXEGM-DEMIAN.EXE Member Posts: 18 Rookie
    GM-DEMIAN.EXE LF BENELUX TEAM#4055 GC2 in all games ( 1600+)
  • ZackZack Member Posts: 8 Rookie
  • TTV.CharperrrrTTV.Charperrrr Member Posts: 15 Rookie
    edited June 12

    c3 just short or gc1, Lots of esports experience and made my first pro debut game in rlcsx, Can adapt to all playstyles. 
    I am looking to get to the top and compete at high tournements. 

    Experience with playing with ssls and high gc players.
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