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Looking for NA Team

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Over the past few years, I've been playing Rainbow 6 Siege off and on and just recently decided to take a huge step towards the competitive scene and am motivated to work with a team to compete in tournaments, events, etc. - Around a year ago I posted a similar thread/discussion on these forums about wanting to get involved, but unfortunately got no messages/replies. In the meantime, I decided to work and improve myself overall as a player and can confidently say that I am better than I used to be before that thread. But the strive and improvements don't ever stop, there's always more room for improvement and better ways to handle certain situations. Furthermore, the highest rank I've reached so far is Gold I but got very close to Platinum III. This season I'm mainly focusing and taking advantage of the time I have to continue improving and learning as a player.

Experience & Playstyle

As for experience-wise, I wouldn't say I'm all that knowledgeable competing within tournaments, events, etc. but have been playing FPS since 2015, beginning with CS:GO. When analyzing my gameplay/playstyle I would most likely consider myself as more of a fragger/support role, but can cover/learn any other role as well - I tend to not lock myself down to a said role, but rather keep my options open cos you never know what you'll be good or bad at once you attempt it.

Dream & More Info

More than anything, I'm striving towards the dream of going pro and would love to have an opportunity to do so!

(If you have any questions, feel free to ask below or contact me on Discord through chase#5077 - And if you want to see how exactly I perform/play I would suggest going over to my Twitch or TikTok, both linked below, to see past streams or clips gathered whilst I was playing.)

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@baegor
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