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Admin Discord Abuse - Read everything to Understand!

Niv1337Niv1337 Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
This is the last time I will enter this league probably.
I will not watch or try to see anymore what I experienced in Discord will stay there and I will probably not return until there is order from ESL.

Well then the story started like this.
I go in to post the link to the forms for my groups, and get a kick out of it
I turned to the admin I asked and said the following sentence: "Thank you but we will not receive any further message from you
Same as for the other person "

So I turned to another staff member and told me
You're a tin can, bringing in a nephew of someone who's been in my group under Ban's management because he cursed at me
I definitely decided to keep all three players away

Why I did it, I basically thought that day along with staff members to keep the players away from the beginning because of trolls cursing and talking that is not appropriate for the players.
In my graves.
Then they cursed my family and said sentences like
"Too bad **** did not murder your grandfather"
And the like.
I'm not close to people like that.

The higher admin told me
You run a tin and said if you continue I will cause you to get ban sets.
He also said before that my teams are spreading poison because I removed 3 players.
In addition players promoted another server they had developed that was meant for them together as an exclusive team and without the whole team.
Tried to steal my players and succeeded
Of course the admin was in their favor.

I will not tread or observe their community
I will neither support nor advance any further.
Until you sort things out.

From my side a hallucination situation.
No one will tell me how to manage my server and my team.

I will not regret my management this is why I started a group
To try to bring a level
But no one who advertises curses and the like me or another
Will not stay on the server
They were also anti-Semites.
Along with another actor.

Have a good day, enjoy it, try to sue or do what you want
I do not care about you anymore until you decide to answer like humans.


  • ArgusArgus Member Posts: 28 ✭✭✭✭
    Thanks for the note, though you should make a ticket on ESL Play. I have forwarded it onwards.

    - Argus, ESL Admin and Global Forum Moderation Team Lead
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