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Player/ Coach looking for serious team. (EU - PC)

TheDuckSlapTheDuckSlap Member Posts: 2 Rookie
My name is TheDuckSlap and I am a solo queue player looking for a team.
I have good communication skills and typically do not get to use them very well in solo queue as most players I am matched with have a microphone allergy and do not reciprocate, thus I am now looking for a more serious team to play with or enter competitive events with.
I have good knowledge of siege playing over the last 3-4 years, I can fill any role competently except shields (I have a shield allergy)
I have relatively good reaction time and aim and can keep calm in most situations in game.
My rank on my main account is quite low and I have not really touched ranked queues on my alt accounts as I am just grinding out the battle pass on my main right now so I yoyo a lot in mmr.
My Uplay accounts:

Discord: DuckSlap#6137

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