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EU] Looking for players to play faceit and then esea open with aspirations to get to the main divis

PejNPejN Member Posts: 2 One post wonder

Hello like in title looking for players to play faceit, get high elo and then play esea open. Looking only for people who are gonna tryhard even on faceit.


6500h+ (on 1 account)

be able to play about 5 days a week

preferable looking for main sniper, leader, one aggressive player and one player who will play as a support together with igl. (I mean someone must buy grenades in pistol rounds etc. We cant have 5 entry fraggers in the team)

lvl faceit isnt important you just must play good

! Everyone will must buy esea premium and pay for slot during esea open unless we find org after we grind high elo.

ofc no toxic

more information on steam

contact https://steamcommunity.com/id/PejN_/

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