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Experiences with ESL Wire and HLAE(Half-Life Advanced Effects) installed at the same time

NickNick Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
first off: I know that HLAE is technically a Hack so it is only plausible to get banned while running it and the ESL Wire
(or Faceit AC or VAC for that matter). 

Having Faceit AC installed I know that it doesnt get me banned just because I have HLAE installed.

My Question now is:
Does ESL Wire search my computer so that I can get banned because of HLAE even though I am currently not using it? 
Or is it safe to have it installed?
Of course when I want to run CSGO with HLAE I close all anticheat programmes that are currently running and I run the game with the "-insecure" tag to avoid an instant ban.
Has anyone made experiences with those programmes?

Also while I'm at it, has anyone made experiences with ESL Wire and the CSGO Demos Manager? This one should be safe but I close Faceit AC nonetheless.

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