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problem with anti-cheat

PrazePraze Member Posts: 1 Visitor
I have an anti-cheat problem, as you can see in the screenshot above, I am not seeing any matches. I restarted my PC, uninstalled and installed applications, reset anti-cheat and nothing helped.


Everything is written here, the admin is unable to help me and sent me back to you.

As I wanted to test, it writes to me that the password is not correct, even when I write without a password. And when I entered, the OTHER anti-cheat test tab did not pop up an anti-cheat wire 
Best regards and waiting for a quick reply because I want to participate in your tournaments.https://cdn.eslgaming.com/play/eslgfx/gfx/support/6599161/b2e88536-63c2-4559-b5d9-3fa7ca5c9a73.png
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