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"Add games manually" not working.

Boneyear1Boneyear1 Member Posts: 1 Visitor
I started using csgoHub today.  After creating my account and turning on Automatic match tracking, i noticed that my most recent games for the past week or so were not present.  I attempted to "Add games manually" but that did not load the games either.  During this i got 2 different errors.
1.  After clicking "Verify Code" I get a notification that says "The match is now available on the csgo hug and has been imported to your account." along with a button to View Match Recap.  I click the View Match Recap button and i get an error saying "We had a problem loading your data. Please click here to try again.  After this i tried a few more times and nothing has resolved the issue.  My games are still not present on my match history.
2.  The second error i came across while trying to import my recent matches is this. "Steam Id not found in game"  This was for a recent game that csgo comp Matchmaking game that i played yesterday (March, 7th).

Please Help.
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