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[EU] LFT That Wants To Be Serieus

trickerr_trickerr_ Member Posts: 5 Rookie
Hello, I'm looking for people to create a team to play serious, but with serious I mean, daily practice and trying to play in big tournaments if we get good enough.
My faceIt rank rn is lvl 1
But I've been told I could play against MG2 or higher at least. I practice daily 2-3 hours, and I play lots of Solo games cz I can't find people who want to take it serious with me.
Text me if you want to join me --> Discord:  Trickerr#9018
I speak English and Dutch.


  • colocolo Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    Added you on discord. colo#4506
  • s1vos1vo Member Posts: 4 Rookie
    added you on discord ch0kar#1730

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