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[NA] [LFP] Looking for a dedicated AWPer to complete our roster!

GavinDGavinD Member Posts: 1 Visitor

Hello there! We're a group of players ranging from Faceit Lvl. 7-9 looking for a new dedicated AWPer to complete our roster. A lil' bit about ourselves before we get into any requirements: We formed under the NA_THUNDERBIRDS back in October of 2020. Instantly hit it off with great chemistry and an equal passion for the game. Since then we've been meeting each day around 6 PM PST, we've competed in the 2020 Cloud 9 Open, and are currently competing in ESEA Open S36. We hold multiple scrims a few days out of the week, and practice/demo reviews on others. We range from ~2000 hrs. to ~5000 hrs, and 16-22 years of age. We're definitely looking for an individual who is aiming for long-term commitment to the game and the team, available most days in the evening, NA based, we accept players from both PST/CT/EST. We're aiming to perform at the highest level possible as a team, seeking to improve individual facets of our personal games along the way. Expect to both give and receive criticism, expect to be constantly reminded to leave your ego at the door, time scheduled for team events is utilized completely.

Minimum Requirements:

- NA based (PST/CT/EST)

- Available Monday thru Saturday ~ 6:00 PM PST (9:00 PM EST) *

- 2000+ hours

- Faceit Level 6 / ESEA B+

Recommended Requirements:

- ESEA Open/Main Team Experience

* Subject to change, in general we meet around this time and practice/scrim/demo review for roughly three hours.


To apply, please PM me on ->Reddit<- your Steam and Faceit Account links, we will review your statistics, once you have met our Minimum Requirements we will begin to review your demos, the third stage will involve an interview on Discord, thank you for your time and we look forwards to having you be apart of our community!


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